Mechanical simulation of complex assemblies

Based on the calculation of the “Work-and-Go” I would like to present the advantages of simulations of large assemblies with SIMSOLID.

The classic finite element method is a proven solution when complex mechanical problems need to be calculated.

All you need is the geometry, material data and loads. Then you select your preferred FEM software, import the geometry and assign the material data to the individual parts.

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The Work-and-Go Project

You’re probably sitting there reading this, right?

According to a recent study, Germans spend an average of 7.5 hours sitting on workdays. The statement “sitting is the new smoking”, which makes it clear that the lack of exercise has a negative effect on the body, is repeated.

Daily exercise has many advantages: Improves health, reduces stress, increases concentration and leads to a positive mood.

Office workers are often forced to sit at their desks for several hours every day. Of course you can also use a standing desk, which is definitely an improvement over sitting. However, this is also a kind of “rest position” which can also have a negative effect on one’s own health.

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